Kate Compton Is A Straight Gorgy!… MMmmmhhh!
Kate Compton

July 29th, 2016 - 2:53 am

Kate Compton is a straight Gorgy right now and she can get men on their toes — that is given. Kate has not popping much lately even thou her new tits have been well implemented on her chest.

But… seriously? Her lips are way too real and something too real is hard to believe. I try to to look at her and all i see is plastic surgery on her body.

I’ve gotta admit thou, she has got that body that could cure a man’s thirsty and that I could give her some points.

Miss Compton is way too hot for the 304k Instagram followers that she have. With the beauty that she possess she is supposed to have a huge following, lets say 1 million.

But as they say that we should not compare ourselves to one another but to be who we really are at our best selves.

What a great future that she has. Miss Compton has a body is not something that most people think it’s fake. Here is a pose of hers trying to show that bum bum.

Likey Likey! She is wearing an orange swimsuit and well that booty is well encrypted. For sure I can’t give her all the credit but damn why not.

The bra has really done the work that’s making her grow the worth she deserves.

[Images via Kate Compton/Instagram.]
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