Mateo Bowles Speeds Up The Dancing Career
mateo bowles and ayleo bowles

November 19th, 2017 - 7:10 pm

Ain’t this boy a little too young to be experiencing this fame?. We mostly know him by the name Mateo Bowles. He started dancing at age of 5. He is definitely a winner and that is something we can no longer argue. I’m half hater and a fan. What a person I am.

Mateo’s stage name is Teo, he is well known for his personalized choreography with his brother Ayleo Bowles a.k.a Ogleloo (Ayo). The famous brothers have been enjoying their come up and they are doing really well. Their current hit now is called “Better Off Alone”. Their dance and the masks that they put on their faces have made them unique and interesting unlike other dancers on YouTube.

Mateo is 18 years old and his brother Ayo is 21 years old. They were all born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They come from family that they had to support themselves and helped their family in the long run.

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