Mizz Twerksum Becomes The Twerking Queen
mizz twerksum

November 6th, 2017 - 9:19 am

It came a time when I thought Mizz Twerksum was the only one who knew how to twerk this hard. I would refer her as the queen of Twerk.

She was the only girl who was looking hot with the tattoos. It turns out she was just one of the Twerk Queens. It seems ridiculous based on how she makes money. But she makes quite a lot of money by pulling up to the big clubs and twerk plus going to make appearances at different parties and events.

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Mizz Twerksum is a better marketer at her body than most of the girls who twerk on Instagram. Her iPhone seems to have a lot of issues and busy as she keeps and can’t stop posting videos of her twerking the shit out.

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