Never Hire Iryna Ivanova As Your Nanny – – Deal Breaker!
Iryna Ivanova

February 26, 2017 - 11:32 am
I just cannot picture me, with a wife and a hot nanny like Iryna Ivanova. I wouldn’t ask for more and I appreciate that gift in my family.

This Instagram sensation is no easy fit, her photos are just too damn bad. I was going through her Instagram and everything she portrays herself as a bad nanny. I believe she could be good for me but for my family, she does fit and will be a bad example to my daughter.

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She has huge bangs and that is not healthy for a married man.

What I really do think of this sexy IG model, she might try to have sex with you or convince you into having it with her unwillingly and that will break your family apart. From the looks of it, she looks like her psychology is not fine.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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