Nikki Gogan Can’t Find Love After Her Recent Breakup With Richie Straham, The Next Bachelorette?

January 9th, 2017 - 7:58 pm

Nikki Gogan Can’t find a boyfriend and amid the rumors, she might be the next Bachelorette in the next season. Let’s wait for the good news to come true.

Nikki got her heartbroken in the previous season of the Bachelor TV Reality show. She was left hanging and that made her emotions to really hurt by Richie Straham.

They say that you should not give up on anything worth while in life. Well, Nikki is still searching for a beau and maybe then after she has found the right man to play the gentleman boyfriend like Richie did, she is still searching and not in a hurry.

She is 28 years old and girls in her age pretty much are supposed to be in a deep relationship or married plus expecting, pregnant.

The 28-year-old beauty really is lonely and she told the publication that she is currently single and she is not the one to blame, by quotes “Guys are not coming anywhere near me”. We are not sure is this true due to her over standard beauty. I think it’s just guys being guys, afraid of commitment.

Won’t this stunning Reality TV star be perfect as the next Bachelorette?. Rumor has it she is gonna be finding her soulmate soon. This time she gets to choose the right man for her life. Nikki needs commitment and that is marriage.

The Bachelorette is always aired on Chanel 10 and they have not spit out their selection for the next season. But the wise and obvious choice is Nikki Graham.

Do you why Real Estate agent has to be so cute and that much attractive?. Well, Graham definitely is a keeper. She used to be working as a real estate agent and now you know why she is so stunning and amazingly beautiful.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram
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