Some Weird Facts About Emilio Martinez Being Successful
Emilio Martinez

March 5, 2018 - 12:41 am

Emilio Martinez is an Instagram star who has attracted over 5 million followers. His IG account is emiliovmartinez. His first photo to his Instagram account was uploaded in November 2015. He has a twin brother, Ivan Martinez who is also a star coming to the surface on

They have a joint account which they call ‘Blond twins’ which has accumulated over 3.3 million fans. These boys have a little fortune going on. The Blond twins joined in January 2017 as the members of the popular web social group known as Team 10 till they decided to go solo again later in November that year.

He also has a YouTube channel which makes him lots of money called Martinez Twins which currently has over 4.3 million subscribers. It seems easy nowadays to make a lot of money online but it’s just tough as working offline. A person has to put a lot of efforts to earn six figures from YouTube.

Emilio and his brother were born in Catalonia, Spain. We can say that their talent being in social media runs thru the family, they have a sister named Rebeca who is really good at Tennis.

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