Tess Holiday In Galore Magazine, Fat And Stunning Sexy!!
tess holiday

September 23rd, 2015 - 4:47 pm

Don’t ever despise yourself because of being fat. With that being said, here goes Tess Holiday.

Tess’s real name is Ryann Maegen Hoven, she is an American model with a plus size body and she really knows how to throw it in front of the camera. Not Only does the camera love her but the people do it for real too. There is no fat-shaming on her.

This is kinda like an opposite to what people are seeing in the fashion industry. If the skinny models are worth it and so do the plus size models.

Hold On!! Don’t Be Confused!. Plus size models doesn’t mean bumilicious but it means people like Tess Holiday.

Who said she couldn’t get a handsome boyfriend. Tess has been dating Nick Holiday whom she has been dating for three years after they met online. What a digital romance.

Tess has had a confession lately about how she is luckily loved by black men and how they crave for her. This is not news as we all know what do black men like. Bum + N–gas = Black Romance.

This is how cool Tess really REALLY is and why she has gone this far. She takes the word FAT as her name and she never gets offended by that.

This is cool and well we should all love what we have as long as they are ours.

Nicole Abournot has not been good about fat people and she decided to go viral on YouTube. I guess every word has opposite no matter what you say.

[Images via Tess Holiday/INSTAGRAM.]

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