The Taz’s Angels Just Keeps On Getting Hotter, Heard Of Sister Wives Yet?
catherine taz angels

April 30, 2016 - 2:45 am

This is one of the models from Instagram and she really… I mean, she badly wants to be famous. She comes from a group of Miami girls who have their page known as Taz’s Angels. The world is changing and everyone has a way of letting their voice out.

This is Catherine a.k.a CatDaGreat, the leading lady of the famous escort group in Miami. There are so many beauties in that circle. Taz’s angels recruit most underage girls who will be willing to sleep with rich men for cash.

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They claim cheating will always be there and that is why they are sharing the same man called Taz. Taz is such a mysterious man who never takes his glasses off in front of a camera. He is the pimp plus he is connected to a whole lot of celebrities.

I couldn’t be able to get her name as an individual but she truly does have that perfect introduction on her well-shaped chest balls. The DM is getting more popular than ever, especially with how naughtier the girls keep on getting.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram