This Is Why Mariah Carey Divorced Nick Cannon

November 1, 2016 - 11:54 pm

Mariah Carey was once happily married to Nick Cannon. But everything has an end even if it tastes sweet as honey.

Mariah decided to end her relationship with Nick by filing for a divorce long time ago but the hard part was when the divorce papers came to Nick’s side. He was feeling heavy when it came to signing them.

The hard party for him was that all the air he got because of her was gonna vanish into thin air.

Right after the split, Mariah managed herself to snatch a billionaire James Parker, fell in love and gave her heart to him thinking she met her life’s Romeo.

Mariah Carey and ex James Parker

Marian’s Romeo looked like he was done going old school so he decided to switch lanes a bit and hit Juliet’s assistant – – in other words, he banged Marian’s assistant. What a switch!.

So the engagement was off and that big diamond ring that Carey used to show off went into shred, not in a harsh way, returned to Parker.

After all, she has the money too so this could have been a perfect couple in marriage.

TMZ broke the story, Mariah was trying for months to get married to James but the divorce papers she had tied to Nick were not yet signed. Nick is to blame thou.

And Nick signed the papers but due to the prenup deal, everybody got their fair share of what they earned in Marriage.

[Images via Marey Carey/Instagram.]

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