Before Cindy Kimberly Was Somebody, Any Plastic Surgery?
Cindy Kimberly

March 4th, 2017 - 6:17 pm

Cindy Kimberly is an Instagram star who has it good in social media with over 4.4 million followers supporting her work. What attracts her fans most is her spectacular beauty. Her Instagram model is found using a username wolfiecindy Instagram account.

The beauty is from Costa Blanca, Spain. She has been romantically involved with Neels Visser and their relationship lasted from 2016 till early 2018. The two looked like they were made for each other.

Women, – – They are delicate flowers of this world. Without them, us, men, we are nothing. We do most of the things for them. We steal and do bad things for them even sometimes kill for them which in return all they do is support you and that is if you get a girl who supports you.

A model like Cindy Kimberly has the proof that women do run the world. But here comes the question, has she undergone any plastic surgery. She is so rumored with lip injections looking at her sizzling beautiful lips.

Cindy is a famous Instagram sensation, mostly known for being Justin Bieber’s crush. Justin posted a photo of him asking “Omg who is this”. That was the time she got clearly exposed and grew a big fanbase out of Beliebers.

The other who got famous because of Justin Bieber being connected with is Yasmim Senna.

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She is decent and looking great even without many sexy photos. Her lips are an item on her body. It is known that she has had lips fillers or they are so-called lip injections. Her plastic surgeries do really look natural.

The exotic beauty a.k.a Justin Bieber‘s crush was raised and grew up in Costa Blanca, Spain. But she was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 16, 1998, which makes her age, 19 years old. The country she was born, has a lot of beautiful sceneries.

Cindy is represented by the Spanish agency known as Uno Model Agency. The allure has become intensively hard to pass by. So she is a Spanish star. Her stories are worth reading now.

Before she was famous, she used to work as a babysitter making about 4 US dollars an hour. Something happened in 2015 while she was still a babysitter and things changed and Tadah! she became famous. Some Babysitters get paid a good amount of money to their bank account. It depends on who you are working for.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

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