Why Did Ayo and Teo Abandon Aspect Zavi?
mateo bowles and ayleo bowles

November 20th, 2017 - 3:30 pm

When a group of friends is starting something, they all come together with the thinking that one is giving. But when one is doing better than the other then trouble starts. I guess a few people likes to see their close friends succeed. Well!, enough about therapy.

Back to the subject, Aylen Bowles is a 21 year old artist and dancer who has made it huge plus he has perfect connections with the artists. He is well known as Ayo. He came up the game with his young brother Mateo Bowles “Teo”. They are all the American sweethearts. Girls go crazy and nuts over them when they start dancing on stage.

As I stated on the first paragraph, Ayo and Teo started their movement with a friend named Aspect Zavi. They danced together, rehearsed and finally went their separate ways after every one started comparing them to each other. So they could not keep their guard down.

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