Yovanna Ventura Scared Justin Bieber – – Successful Spanish Model Is Hungry For Fame

January 18th, 2017 - 12:09 pm


Yovanna Ventura is a famous successful American-Spanish model and Social Media Personality who is mostly known for her activities on the social sharing app Instagram. She is sweet by telling at her face – – just saying. She has over 4.7 million followers.

Hot and steamy looks that Yovanna possesses has helped her achieve some fame in the process. She is still young, age 21, but yet successful in her own way.

How did she get in the big business? – – meaning how she became famous?

Well, Yovanna once dated a pop sensation Justin Bieber which made her star shine more. You should see Yovanna when she struggles to contain her assets in a frilly bikini top as she flaunted her flawless posterior for PDA with her ex-beau in St Bart, back in 2014. But that is all in the past now. Anyway, she has got her piece of share from Justin’s big pie.

Women who took Justin Bieber for his fame and ultimately broke his heart. He even dedicated a song by singing his heart out, portraying what he feels for his exes who wants nothing from him but the fame also the ones who want to change him, the track is called ‘Love Yourself’. Here is a list:
1. Selena Gomez
2. Yovanna Ventura
3. Jayde Pierce
    Jayde Pierce had made all of her attention known by going to the public and spilled about Bieber’s lifestyle and he likes doing with his lovers.
4. Jessica Jarrell

5. Chantel Jeffries

The 21-year-old allure did more than just having it with Bieber by helping him getting over Selena Gomez. She quickly healed some of his wounds and helped him preparing “The Purpose” album in a way that she only could it at the right time.

Don’t be surprised by her good looks charm, why?… She is from Miami, Florida, where she was born. This makes sense now right. Her body’s height 5 feet 9 inches which is perfectly fine for her modeling career.

What an awesome cleavage she does possess. On a beach, she flaunts. Likely she attracts and more followers she gains.

Enticing and steamy that the beauty is, she has always kept it cool and keeps on making her Instagram page the right place to be

Photo Courtesy: Instagram
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