Zelia Milan – – Body So Bewitching, Lols!
zelia milan

October 25, 2015 - 9:11 pm

How could Kylie Jenner get that 40.3 million followers on Instagram with no such Beauty to deserve it all. Zelia Milan is beauty goddess just in case you asked. The model is Brazilian originated and that is why she has got that Brazilian curved booty. Is there a professional fashion model from Rio who has not been looking stunning. Well!!… the answer to that is NO! or may be a small percent.

According to Kaboom magazine, Zelia is the Bombshell of the year 2015. Many love Kylie and some Don’t. But let’s face the fact that she does not possess that Zelia’s face even a bit. The 27-year-old hiphop model has got curves that are perfectly eye-angled.

According to the magazine, the hiphop beauty loves Jhene Aiko as her favorite artist and the only key she truly believes is kindness in the world telling that the world needs it.

“I’m intelligent driven and kind. Kindness is always key. The world needs it,” Said the model showing how beautiful her soul is.

If all the models could be this enchanting, the modeling business could have exceeded the business line.

[Images via Zelia Milan/Instagram.]

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