The Mysterious Story Of Roni Rose, How She Screw Stephen Curry And Wife Ayesha Supported?
Roni Rose

4 months ago

Roni Rose is an Instagram model who used to work as a stripper, the Conquer Fighting Championship as a ring girl, and hairstylist. She has got that modeling look and it’s amazing how she attracts. Her Instagram page has over 230,000 followers supporting her all the way up.

She was born in California on November 23, 1988, which makes her 29 years old. She attended the Ceres High School and finally graduated in Livermore High in 2006.

What about her dating issues?… She has a daughter whom she had when she was in her former relationship. But that’s all in the past now, she is rocking it and engaged to her current manager Jay King.

In 2016, it was rumored and partly confirmed that Roni had a crush on Stephen Curry as she was spotted on camera having eyes straight forward towards the player at a Golden State Warriors finals game. But rumors fade away after Ayesha Curry, Stephen’s wife, came to rescue and told the media that Roni Rose has been a longtime fan of the Warriors team.