Meet Mayaan Peri, The Bravest Model I Know (OMG)

4 months ago

Maayan Peri is a famous fitness and bathing suit model who is very popular on Instagram. She is well known for posting delicious and healthy recipes on her Instagram page for her followers.

The beauty is brave. She served in the Israeli Defense Force. Plus she really is good as a bicyclist and a great surfer. The other Instagram fitness guru just like her is Rebecca Holly.

She was born in Israel on March 21, 1997, which makes her age, 20 years old. She is currently dating her fellow Instagram fitness model called Alexander Fabrikant. They started dating in 2016.

Who Is Michelle Quick?, What Does She Do? and Here Is Her Look Alike
Michelle Quick

6 months ago

Michelle Quick originally comes from El Salvador where she was born. But luckily she was raised in California so you can imagine for yourself where she has got those vibes she brings on screen.

Ms Quick is a Reality television personality who began appearing on E! reality show WAGS during its second season. She appeared on WAGS and she seemed to have relationship with Kelly Kelly.

I have this question… Don’t you mistake Michelle Quick with the Hazel E from Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood sometimes?. Because I sometimes do. Look at this picture below.

Hazel E
Hazel E of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

On the WAGS television show, Michelle’s life is put into display as a footballer’s wife whose life is shown as she transitions among cities after her NFL husband being traded to another team. Oooh no… I forgot to tell you about her hubby. She is married to the NFL wide receiver Brian Quick in 2015 and they now share a son and daughter namely Jaiden and Cali Brille.