Summer McKeen’s Diary Is Out In The Open, Take A Read
Summer McKeen

7 days ago

Summer McKeen is special. She makes such a good example of a good woman. She is a Makeup, fashion, and overall “girly matters” enthusiast. She is the best guru in her line of work who evolved 1.4 million subscribers discussing the matters that she loves on her self-titled channel. She went on to seem within the famous internet series Afterschooled.

She created her first youtube video, which could end up her secondary vlog channel, in April of 2010.

Summer McKeen was born in Eugene, Oregon on May 12, 1999, which makes her age, 19 years old. She became an accomplice with the youtube collaborative channel fashion haul.

She is from Eugene, Oregon. She has sisters named Madison and Brie. She has dated fellow social star Dylan Jordan.

She, first of all, created her important channel below the call lookyheregirl, named from a lyric from a Bruno Mars song.