Leonardo McManus Has Issues, I Call Him Carlos Coz I Know He Hates It
Leonardo McManus

3 months ago

Although Leonardo Mcmanus is an Instagram model, he decided to launch his vlog on YouTube and he runs and earns income from it. He is always seen on social media in front of cars and different scenery places. He uses his Vlog as a way to share his personal life and mostly prank videos, reactions and challenges videos to his fans. He always posts aesthetics and high contrast photos.

Leonardo’s YouTube has accumulated over 3,000 subscribers.

He was born in Arizona, the United States on September 1, 1998, which makes her age, 19 years old. His real name is Carlos but I guess he hates the name. He grew up in San Diego where he was brought up. But later moved to Los Angeles to secure his future for his little stardom. What a tricky!. Good luck anyway.

The boy models for the popular clothing line called BAPE just like Cousin Stizz. Some of his photos have been taken by the Instagram star called Kellan Hendry to whom he has given credit in some of his photos.

Ohhh! How Adorable Brec Bassinger’s Journey To Fame Began
Brec Bassinger

5 months ago

First of all Brec Bassinger is really beautiful and any man would be so lucky to possess her love. And that man is Dylan Summerall. They started dating in 2017.

Brec is the American TV actress, we mostly call her the Star of the Nickelodeon series ‘Bella and The Bulldogs’ in which she plays Bella alongside co-actor Buddy Handleson. She also plays in the hit Television show called Haunted Hathaways. She has also been given roles in the Nickelodeon movies such as Liar, Liar, Vampire and played VI in 2015.

She was born in Saginaw, TX on May 25, 1999, which makes her 18 years old. So she is the same age as her boyfriend. She has two bigger brothers named Beric and Brice. It’s funny how their parents named their children.

Brec was a school person, and during school she used to enjoy school, cheerleading like everygirl’s dream in America, playing volleyball, and hanging out with pals. Later she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California where she is making some of her dreams coming true and the rest of the family stayed in Texas.