I Thought Sierra Dallas Was Dumb But I Was Wrong
Sierra Dallas

5 months ago

Sierra Dallas is an Instagram sensational model who is best known for posting sizzling hot photos. She has worked for companies such as YMI Jeans and ApparelDeals. Her Instagram account which she treats as a business has garnered over 1.2 million followers supporting her. She is so popular too on Musical.ly. She has over 600,000 fans over there. She used to popular on the discontinued app “Vine” where she had over 230,000 followers.

She got to be good friends with Nash Grier through her brother. Nash is also a popular Internet sensational model.

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Sierra was born in Whittier, California on May 12, 1990, which makes her age, 27 years old. Her mother who raised her is Gina Dallas. She has a brother Cameron Dallas whom she gave the social media vibes. She and her brother Cameron made a YouTube video that went viral, it was about a makeup challenge. She and her fiancé Brent Mallozi have a nephew named Luca.

She went to California State Polytechnic University and majored in Communications. She graduated. Her journey of vlogging started in September 2014.

Something Weird About Olivia Lueders, Let The Truth Set You Free
Olivia Lueders

5 months ago

Olivia Lueders is a social influencer, an Internet Instagram star. She has over 90,000 Instagram followers supporting her all the way up. She is the older sister of Carson Lueders and Jackson Lueders who are also both the Internet stars.

The sister joined the Twitter in March 2011. I can’t say for sure what her talent is but being a good sister and fun person.

Olivia was born in Spokane, Washington on November 12, 1996, which makes her 21 years old. She has these amazing parents called Jon and Diane Lueders. Since she is the big sister to all, makes Jackson the middle child in the family.

This Is Ridiculously Annoying? Carson Lueders – – At Age 5?
Carson Lueders

5 months ago

Carson Lueders is already a star at such a young age. Yes, he is such a young pop star. He is also unique in his own way.

He is famously known for his hit tracks such as “Try Me” and “Feels Good”. He released the EP All Day in 2015. He rose to fame by doing covers of big artists and ultimately he accumulated the fan base of over 750,000 subscribers that are supporting him to this day.

Carson was born in Spokane, Washington on July 26, 2001, which makes him 16 years old. His parents are Jon and Diane Lueders. He has a brother Jackson and a sister named Olivia.

How did he become the person he is today?… he learned guitar after he was given by his parents a gift at his 5th birthday. OMG!, his parents knew what they were doing. He only promoted himself mostly on YouTube and Musical.ly. He kinds of reminding me of Justin Bieber.

Being good of an actor, he is started playing Ace on the Brat web series called Chicken Girls. And being a good singer he has done covers for artists such as Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Cody Simpson.