Carvena Jones Is For The Hall Of Fame, So High Reaching She Seems
Carvena Jones

1 week ago

Carvena Jones is an American icon making her way to the homeland of celebrities with a title as a pop singer and a guitarist. She rose to fame for being in a Fox singing competition on their first season called The Four: Battle for Stardom. What a name for such a show. She has previously gained some attention with tracks like “Cuckoo” and “I Don’t Know If I.”

Carvena Jones was born in the United States on March 6, 1996, which makes her age, 22 years old. She grew up in Jackson Mississippi where she became a winner at 13 because of her talent at a talent show.

Singing runs through her family as most of the family members are singers. She did a song cover for the song “Let’s Stay Together” done by Al Green classic.

The beauty did her first EP ‘Cuckoo’ which was released in 2015.