Ashlyn Castro Dating Michael B Jordan Remains A Victory
Ashlyn Castro

1 day ago

You can say that life is not fair but that is half the truth. Some men are lucky and some aren’t at all. Ever known a model that is so sick of being a beautiful girl in the world. I am just kidding. She is beautiful till you can mistake for so many different stars. Her name is Ashlyn Castro. She has this awesome fame that she got just by hooking up with Michael B Jordan.

The beauty has been rumored to have found her savior from Hollywood and now she is super famous. Google her a bit and you will be surprised how many such big sites are writing about her.

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The relationship with megastar started in late 2017 where the two got cozy even in front of a camera. Don’t ever wonder where she got the beauty and why does she has so many energy as a model. She is from California, born in Long Beach, on December 17, 1996, which makes her age, 21 years old.

The Michael B Jordan’s girlfriend has yet not become that really famous but surely it’s a start. Their relationship started to become serious when they went to Kwanzaa together and also celebrated for the new year’s Eve.

The two were recently spotted at the St Tropez Club looking so thirsty for each other. He was seen wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans whereas Ashlyn was just in a black dress holding herself down with the black high heels. The Black Panther star looked so cozy with the girl, Ashlyn, as he was busy enjoying the dance he was receiving from her.

Elsy Guevara Does Apply To Instagram Hotness Challenge
Elsy Guevara

4 weeks ago

Elsy Guevara is a Style/Fashion influencer on Instagram exquisite because of the character behind the account elsyootd. Her pics could earn her more than 320,000 fans.

One of the best and oldest archived photo was posted in January 2017.

Have you heard of the model Alondra Ortiz? She has modeled for Elsy’s fashion brand known as OOTDfash a couple of times. The brand is a clothing line that makes Elsy unique in the game.

Elsy Guevara was born in the United States on September 21, 1996, which makes her age, 21 years old. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

She took a picture with Marie Madore as seen on her Instagram account.

Elle McBroom Is The Princess Of All Time, She Got It From Her Momma
Elle McBroom

4 weeks ago

Elle McBroom is the primary baby of basketball player Austin McBroom and fitness version Catherine Paiz. She is very famous as she has over 3.4 million followers supporting her childhood. I guess being a daughter of a star, does have the perks.

Her father performed guard for the Saint Louis university guys’ basketball crew from 2011 to 2012.

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Her dad and mom started courting a yr earlier than her beginning in 2015. They are both YouTube stars and much more. They run the web when it comes YouTube. Catherine, Mom is a friend of Kylie Jenner.

Elle McBroom was born in California on May 28, 2016, which makes her age, 2 years old. Her uncle is a private teacher and social media sensation Landon McBroom.

Her father performed along Jrue Holiday on their excessive college state championship crew.

All Thanks From Austin McBroom Should Go To His Fiancee Catherine Paiz! Could He Have Made It Alone?

4 months ago

Austin McBroom is a YouTube star but formerly as he used to be one of best NCAA basketball guard. He devoted to the Saint Louis University men’s basketball program for the 2011-2012. He decided to focus more on social media after his college basketball career. He finally landed a million followers on Instagram in a short time, unlike other web stars. He currently has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram supporting him.

He is an active member of the popular collaborative channel “ACE Family” which is very popular as he shares it with his fiancée.

He was born in Los Angeles, California on May 20, 1992, which makes his age, 25 years old. He has a brother named Landon. Apart from basketball, he has played baseball and football at Campbell Hall School.

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Austin managed to lead the St. Louis Billikens in 3-point shooting in makes and percentage through 2013 to 2014 season. He was one of the best basketball players the school had ever seen.

What about his dating history?… He is engaged to the former Taz Angels member, her name is Catherine Paiz. They got engaged in August 2017 and share a daughter named Elle. The couple announced that they were expecting their second child together in February 2018. The couple should really be thanking Kylie Jenner for being there for them. The number of deals has increased just because of their relationship with Kylie. Earlier this year, Kylie made a big reveal to them about their expected child’s gender.

The other playmate whom they played together in High School in a state championship team was Jrue Holiday.

Dominican CatDaGreat, The Main Sister Wife To Know All About Taz’s Angels

5 months ago

I always wanted to more about this girl. Her name is CatDaGreat. She is one of the hottest Instagram stars. She is the active leading member of the popular group called Taz’s Angels. She has worked before with Demi Rose, Catherine Paiz and so many more. She rose to fame after being recognized to be working for Taz Angels as a group leader for the girl group claim to share the same man named Michael “Taz” Williams who funds and control the group. He is like their pimp.

She was born in the Dominican Republic on July 7, 1985, which makes her 32 years old. Later she moved to Florida, Miami where she makes most of her dreams come true.

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The beauty used to work in a supermarket known as Neiman Marcus located in Tampa, Florida till she met Taz and recruited her to be a sister wife having the grace of an angel.

Cat also used to work alongside former members of Taz’s Angels Leena Sayed and Ashley Martelle. She has an account on Instagram called catdagreat with over 645,000 followers supporting her all the way to the top. The Taz’s Angels Instagram account has over 997,000 followers.

Demi Rose Unclothed – 1st TIME Thing … Here You Go!
demi rose

2 years ago
Demi Rose is just that reckless right now, she just loves making her fans tweaking. She is not that afraid as before when it comes to showing her body. What a life a woman has had before?. She has pretty much dreamed of being a star and now she is definitely a star.

Being on the loose from her parents, We guess she didn’t waste any time. She is where she is supposed to be.

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Demi shot to fame after she got an opportunity to date the rapper Tyga. Even though their relationship didn’t last that much longer but they both did benefit. As for the beauty, she got famous instantly while Tyga got satisfied and went back to Kylie. The model continued to imitate Kylie Jenner’s fashion styles and now, she has found herself. So she decides to have a new style of being this undressed.

Recently, Demi has got featured in a magazine called “Sixty6”. Mark that, this magazine is new and this is the first time it has published and the first cover girl they have come up with Demi.

Photo Source: Instagram


Taz’s Angels Are So Cute But Dumb, A Man Came To Collect, They Gave In
Taz Angels

2 years ago
What is the other way of women making money? Please…!!! for those who know the way. Just write the book titled “How Can Women Make Money Apart From Selling Themselves?”. Taz’s Angels are known as a group of young hot girls living together in a mansion that keeps them attracted to the business if you know what I mean. It’s known as Taz’ house and located in Miami. Damn, They are living life and they are not shameful if they sleep with your father as long as you pay them.

This group has its Instagram account that has a lot of followers which got them famous. They twerk a lot so you could understand. Their group’s IG page is popular and so is their individual accounts. They are extremely hot and hard for a man to resist. There are members that have got out already and others that are still looking for a way in and others out. 

CatDaGreat is the head girl of this uncensored group, helps to bring in new recruits. She leads them and plans to make sure they are working accordingly. Not to say the least… There is a man boss named Taz who is the pimp and does provide for them whenever they are in need and to make sure they are working at a satisfying environment.

Cat is the legit business in the house and so she recruits females. She is Dominican and you should know that girls from the Dominican Republic are hot and very much alive plus fun to watch. Cat was recruited by Taz himself when she was working in a Neiman Marcus in Tampa, Florida. I wonder what he said to her to make her quit that legitimate job she had.

There has been a time when Taz’s Angels had a member named Catherine Paiz. She was one of a groupie who was enjoying her life in Miami, Florida where she moved to before heading to Los Angels where she is leaving now. Another former group member that Taz Angels must have been proud to have is Chantel Jeffries who gained fame after being referred to as the girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

The women that are still members and still keeping it alive are Catherine a.k.a CatDaGreat or Bottom B*tch,  Anabella Carrasco a.k.a AB, Kinky, Ruby, Leena and Ana Montana. The clothing line they are dealing with is called ‘Bad B*tches Link Up’. Who wouldn’t love this group? Unless you are… let me just stop right there.

Anabella Carrasco

Anabella Carrasco a.k.a AB is the one of the youngest in the group that is also the most famous, popular and has got that charisma of attracting for the group. So she must never leave. This group is most people’s favorite.

AB’s birthday is February 27th, 1994 and was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She doesn’t have her drivers license. Looks can be deceiving but this look cannot be. The sister wive is black and Hispanic (Dominican) meaning she is super-curved up.AB twerks a lot and I mean A lot. She is blonde, curly hair and her body support that. There is the reason she has curly hair or else she could have looked way hotter but in a professional way. She is used to sharing her dance videos which by the way, she knows how to dance. TWERK!!!.

Ruby Sayed does not belong to this group anymore but her big sister still does. First thing is that she is thick with dark hair plus black eyes with a very pretty face. Her body is totally business if you ask me. She is amazing probably one of the six girls that are so way hotter than others in the group. She comes from Queens, New York

Ruby’s big sister, Leena Sayed is still in the group making it still. She is trapped. She is of Afghan heritage. Don’t be surprised by this so-called angel. She has served in the army before. So to add up the quality of this model is that she is also strong and brave. So now she is taking the easy way out. It seems she is not into real guns but into a man gun if you know what I mean.

Taz wanted the sisters he got them but rumor has it that he wanted to have twin sisters in the house but it wasn’t his luck.

There not only six girls that are in the cycle but there are so many. Others just can not show their face nor do like their face to be recognized. There must be some VIP’s to this group. The girls are sold off to the real money makers such as celebrities, ballers, and athletes. They are given a lot of money from their pimp and these girls are so fully paid, by the way, they work they are controlled, they are like Taz’s properties doing whatever he wants. 

So It’s for them to choose if they really want to work in the streets or live in the mansion, work and get paid a huge amount. I guess that is why he gets most of the hot girls in Miami.

These hungry Instagramists are up to something and it ain’t about Taz. They claim their loyalty lies with Taz, but it sounds way good to be true. Here is what most of the girls in the house believe. One of their thought is:

“A lot of people don’t understand our relationship to Taz, or what #Sisterwives are,” the caption posted on their Instagram reads. “Taz is our king and yes we all share him. The way I look at it is we rather have a quarter of a real n**** than a whole F*CK n****. Most of ya bitches sharing ya man with your best friend, your neighbor, sh*t, even your sister and don’t even know it…

Tyga‘s ex-girlfriend, Demi Rose used to be a member but now claims she never was a member. The funny part is that the model denies completely to have associated with the house in any way. It’s a cool strategy that now she is someone on another level. But she also used to suck Taz’s d*ck. What a not-wanna-admit model.

Demi is only 21, born in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Her fame rose high after she dated Tyga earlier this year. Her Instagram page has more over 3.3 million followers.

Taz’s Angels are quiet about her and don’t wanna say much about her. It will destroy her current carrier. It is said that Taz a.k.a as he calls himself the Black Hugh Hefner.

Every house must have some issues and you just have to find the one living in it to know the issues. Well.. well… well. A source shared on, saying the house is full darker sex practices. Taz does not take off his sunglasses even when he is having sex. This dude is quiet on camera until you kinda suspect he is hiding something.

To be continued…

You have already got to know CatDaGreat by now, the Taz female leader. This respectful angel in the house is not as she appears in pictures. According to a source shared that she is cold hearted to most girls who are recruited. Girls only get luxury things and money after they have worked their azzes off by having sex with Taz.
The hard part comes when CatDaGreat becomes jealous and start pushing other girls away. She also makes them girls eat her p#-$y. She also gets special treatment.
The source continued saying she was not allowed to have sex with Taz for long and if she exceeds she would get pushed for someone else to get on it. It’s not easy to live in that house. They live like sex slaves.
Well!. They look happy for sure. Sometimes it is hard to tell if they ever think of God. They have too much fun every day.

Their Snapchat is WeAreTazsAngels.

Photo Source: Instagram