Melly Sanchez Does It Better In A FashionNova Outfit
Melly Sanchez

17 hours ago

Melly Sanchez is a famous Dominican makeup artist enormously known for her talents that she shows on major platforms, respectively on Instagram and YouTube. She has been good and got an eye for making short amazing tutorials. She has a high number of a following on IG thefashionfreakk with over 1.1 million followers supporting her.

She was born in the Dominican Republic on December 9, 1993, which makes her age, 24 years. Melly Sanchez worked at Bloomingdales a full time. She is really a big fan of Nikkie De Jager as he was the first artist she ever subscribed on YouTube when she was starting out.

Melly’s channel has over 420,000 subscribers supporting. She moved to the USA when she was 8 years old, she is also from New York.

She is super close with the other web stars like Gabriel Zamora and Karla Jara.

How Perfect Is Dominique Penn’s Marriage And Life In General?
Dominique Penn

6 months ago

Dominique Penn is such a unique celebrity plus the wifey vibes she brings on Television is quite tremendous. What she really describes herself is that she is a mompreneur, mommy, and a blogger. She is married to the NFL tackle Donald Penn. She shares with him the three children namely, Donald Penn III, Dominick Penn and Demi Jolie Penn. They got married in 2012.

Dominique Penn with her three children
Dominique Penn with her three children Donald Penn III, Demi Jolie Penn and Dominick Penn.

Officially describing her – – Dominique is an author, blogger, and entrepreneur. Being an author has landed her the ability to write the book series The Many Adventures of Donald which tells the story of her son’s journey through childhood. The very great another thing that happened to her was when she joined the cast of Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars LA. She is the damn good Reality Star. She has also been featured on the E! Network reality television series WAGS.

Prior to being romantically in love with Donald – – dating and all kind of things, she used to be an actress when she was 19 so you can imagine why she kills it on the screen.

So far so good, she has accomplished so much as she has this online baby boutique called ShpEmpl going on. She also owns and runs the blog known as Everything Mrs. Penn Loves. She also has her own website

But as they say that nobody is perfect, it’s definitely true. I mean her husband Donald made another woman pregnant while being in marriage and the woman was the Bad Girl Club Star Camilla Poindexter. But still Dominique continued to be strong and concentrated on saving her marriage even though it was not easy for her.