Dylan Summerall’s Love Life Is A Go – – Other Extracurriculars?
Dylan Summerall

5 months ago

Dylan Summerall is dating Brec Bassinger, what a chooser!. he has nice taste when it comes to the girls he dates. That’s right he is dating a TV actress. How cool.

Dylan is a famous American actor and a social Internet star. His Instagram account ‘dylansummerall’ is lit with over 450,000 followers supporting all the way up to the top. He has also a nice profile on Musical.ly with over 320,000 fans also with his self-titled account. He has played the role in the 2013 feature film “Angels Sing” as young Uncle David alongside Harry Connick Jr.

What are Dylan’s extracurriculars?… he loves sports especially football and by football, I mean playing it. he also plays soccer, baseball, and running track. But what he has discovered while going self-discovery process in life. He has true passions for dancing, playing instruments, acting, singing and anything music related/, musical.

Dylan started a serious romantic relationship with a pure-hearted sweetheart TV star, Brec Bassinger. They have been dating since 2017.

His parents are Tisha and Jimmy Summerall. He has three brothers namely Jimmy, Hunter, and Hayden

He was born in Dallas, Texas on March 25, 1999, which makes him 18 years old.

Something About Hayden Summerall Is Not Right, He Is …

5 months ago

The pop singer in the modern world that is from Dallas, Texas and later moved to Los Angeles, and who is also a singer, rapper, and a talented actor. He put his debut single in early 2018 called ‘Smiles For You’. He has over 2.1 million followers on his Instagram account.

he is among the 4 Summerall brothers. His name is Hayden Summerall. He was born in Texas on April 4, 2005, and so he is 12 years old now. So young but talented. The kid’s talent is in his blood and seems to run thru the family.

He has been a starring role in the movie Chicken Girls which played as TK. It was released on September 5, 2017. He knows and has experience in TV and film acting. May if you remember Alex & Sierra hit song which was famously known “Little Do You know”. Hayden and Annie LeBlanc collaborated to do a music video for the cover of the song and it just went viral.

Hayden has three brothers namely Jimmy, Dylan, and Hunter. His mother is Tisha and his father is called Jimmy Summerall III.

Ohhh! How Adorable Brec Bassinger’s Journey To Fame Began
Brec Bassinger

5 months ago

First of all Brec Bassinger is really beautiful and any man would be so lucky to possess her love. And that man is Dylan Summerall. They started dating in 2017.

Brec is the American TV actress, we mostly call her the Star of the Nickelodeon series ‘Bella and The Bulldogs’ in which she plays Bella alongside co-actor Buddy Handleson. She also plays in the hit Television show called Haunted Hathaways. She has also been given roles in the Nickelodeon movies such as Liar, Liar, Vampire and played VI in 2015.

She was born in Saginaw, TX on May 25, 1999, which makes her 18 years old. So she is the same age as her boyfriend. She has two bigger brothers named Beric and Brice. It’s funny how their parents named their children.

Brec was a school person, and during school she used to enjoy school, cheerleading like everygirl’s dream in America, playing volleyball, and hanging out with pals. Later she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California where she is making some of her dreams coming true and the rest of the family stayed in Texas.