Meet Eva Gutowski, Defines The YouTube Success With An 8
Eva Gutowski

5 days ago

Eva Gutowski is a YouTuber. How lucky is this beauty? She has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube. She is the YouTube star and gets a lot of lucrative income from it. She has two channels but the primary one is called Mylifeaseva where he regularly posts beauty related photos. The other channel is called Vlogtowski.

The other beauty guru who is making a lot of money and has YouTube to thank for plus she enjoy the success, her name is Clio Zammateo. While she was young, the beauty guru wanted to be a psychiatrist or an actress.

Eva was born in Orange County, Brea, California on July 29, 1994, which makes her 23 years old. She has a sister named Maya. She is educated as she studied journalism in college, so her dream was to become a journalist/reporter or an entertainment host. She also used to be a cashier at a shop that sells pizza.

What about her dating history?… She has dated Alex Hayes and Andrew Kingsbury. She also started dating again 2016 and the couple split in 2018. She is currently fishing again (single).

What Makes Nicole Guerriero Fresher Than An Apple
Nicole Guerriero

2 months ago

Nicole Guerriero has made herself a fortune and she still has so much to offer. All she does know is to do be a Makeup and beauty guru. What a cool hobby that really pays her bills. She has a huge social media following with a big name given to her as Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru of 2013. Her Instagram is really popular as of right now, it has over 2 million followers.

She has a YouTube channel that has lots video with more than 2.8 million subscribers. As we all know that YouTube has been a big help to most starting artists as it pays huge income if your channel receives lots of hits. She also runs a blog ‘Naturally Nicole’ on which she posts makeup and beauty tutorials, product reviews and fashion blogs.

As beautiful as Nicole is, she struggled to get to where she is right now. She has worked at several restaurants before being the Nicole that we know. She also worked as a bartender.

She has worked at BJ’s Brewhouse for 5 years before launching her YouTube channel. She is 31 years old and she was born in Tampa, Florida on March 4, 1986. With the beauty and makeup skills she has, she tends to keep herself looking so young. Her beauty pays her bills. What a work effort!.

After living most of her life in Tampa Florida, she later moved to California and moved in with her boyfriend Jeremy.

Nic has made this video that went viral on July 9, 2014 – – it was called ‘Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup’.