May Be Selena Gomez Was Meant For This After All
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4 weeks ago

Selena Gomez, a girlfriend that put scars to Justin Bieber‘s heart and he really should pay selena for all that songs he sings about her.

Ever wonder where she was made of?. Selena rose to fame for playing a great role as Alex Russo on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. It’s not that things were just made out of a blah for her, she has what she has right now because she earned it. In 2008, she formed a band that she was leading and it was called Selena Gomez & the scene. Not only formed the band, but also it actually existed and was able to produce and release three albums which in the end Selena decided to to go on a solo journey to find herself in the the music thing. Yes, It’s a thing nowadays.

Gomez is 25 year old, she has had hits in the last few years of being solo and she has made her two solo albums Stars (2013) and the other amazing album called Revival  released in 2015 which hit #1 on the U.S Billboard chart.

What the ex / rumored girlfriend of Bieber is really luck about is that she grew up with a mother whose heart was into the entertainment and so while growing up, her heart was already into the entertainment thing too. She grew up watching her mother rehearsing for the theater productions. Gomez is really a good actress.

In 2015, the humble beauty revealed the disease she was suffering from and really affected her work and life in general. But God doesn’t abandon his loyal people, so two years later – – a good samaritan known as Francia Raisa donated a kidney to her.

She has cool supporting parents which are Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Joel Gomez. She has also two half-sisters namely Tori and Gracie.

Do you really how many guys Selena has dated so far in this game?. I will let you count for yourdelf. The legendary king of her heart has always been the Biebs even though things go sideways with them from time to time. She has also dated the R&B singer The Weeknd, taylor and DJ Anton Zaslavski, AKA Zedd.

You were never sure if she dated Zedd, right?. Well, they dated and made some beautiful love songs together.

Gomez and Miley Cyrus should be bestfriends in this music industry as the Selena appeared in the three episodes of the TV series Hannah Montana from 2007 to 2009. Disney has some really cool products to be proud of. No wonder it will always last.

Justin Bieber Didn’t Do Good To Neymar At The Soccer Game

2 months ago

I guess Justin Bieber is really good in soccer or he is just playing it cool. One simple fact that most of us did not know about our guy was that he could beat Neymar at the game. He was up for it.

Justin visited Barcelona and he participated the training session at UCLA looking like a Pro, doing what the Pros do — it was awesome, he made circles against his opponents and Neymar was wowed.

He owned the time for almost  a minute but never won – – the cute video was released by TMZ. Well, Bieber seems to have been hiding many talents. He is a multi talented singer who have other expertise on the ice, on the court and in the boxing ring.

Don’t just see the handsome man that Justin is and think that he is just a little boy like he used to be. He has had it rough through the past several years.

The new Neymar in town could be our great athlete to make us proud but it seems music does really work for him. Bieber is just into nailing chicks and I mean models and that’s all because the age is right and he can. He is too cool to like, especially if you are a dude.

Justin Bieber – Bio, Facts, Fashionably & Bubbly Scandal
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8 months ago

Being on the right place at the right time is what describes a road to success. Well, you have come to the right place.

Most of you know this icon by the name Justin Bieber. You must be a fan or a hater trying to dig up some truth on this icon. Being famous is not an easy job and so is the hustle for it. Well, now that I have taken some things off my chest then let’s skip all the formalities and let’s hit it.

Real name

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer-songwriter and his real name is Justin Drew Bieber.


On March 1, 1994, A star was born in London, Canada which makes his age, 23 years old. He is currently living in California, USA where most of his businesses are taking place and also making his dreams come true.

He rose to fame after

When it comes to being a celebrity, it only takes one moment to define them for the rest of their lives or sometimes a couple of times if they are lucky enough. Bieber rose to fame after he was discovered by Scooter Braun in 2008 which he later got lucky by given a hand out from Usher. He is well known as teen sensation of all time.

He has more than 89.2 million Instagram followers supporting his all the way up to the top and more than 97.6 million twitter fans.

Most people start something big with an idea when they are alone till they have made it and find themselves with so much real company, wondering sometimes where they came from and starting to count on the day one friends.

What she did before fame

Justin used to sing on the streets and entertain pedestrians wherever he could find a nice spot. Let me bury the hatchet, a lot of people think celebrities do get favors from the almighty unlike us but the truth is. They are as vulnerable as us. They endure pain and go through deep problems as us.

Net Worth

As of 2017, he has an estimated net wealth of $225 million. So much work has been done by this refined man, to reach where he is right now.

Managed by the Label

Life is good after an artist/model is signed under a huge recording label/modeling agency, he is under Island, Teen Island, RBMG, School Boy and Def Jam. No wonder they reasonably and quickly become millionaires afterwards.

Hair color: Light Brown

Eye color: Light Brown

height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 66 kg


Photo Courtesy: Instagram


Justin Bieber Punches Hard And Ends Up Drilled Down By A Huge Guy In Cleveland, Ohio
Justin Bieber Neymar

2 years ago

Justin Bieber should really hit the gym to expand that muscle. He surely knows how to punch hard but lacks the stamina.

Wednesday Night in Cleveland, Ohio — Justin went fist-to-fist fighting with a large-sized guy and nothing seemed right till he was pushed down and was too late for his guards to help him. He managed to hit him hard with his left arm.

It looks like Justin ain’t no hippie at all. He is not soft like what most are saying.

Read and watch the video by clicking here TMZ.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Jayde Pierce Is Totally Cool For Justin Bieber… See what Justin Is Missing
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3 years ago

What a model!

Jayde Pierce is making her way up using her modeling life and I can tell she is making it.Jayde is a rumoured girlfriend that Justin Bieber was supposedly sleeping with. She was always seen with the Biebs looking all kinda sweet. The girl  has always been well when it comes to her body.

As for kendall Jenner and Hayley Baldwin, she kinda managed to get Justin Bieber go out with her in public and it all spread and they looked cozy in that kinda way.

Jayde Piece also makes money on instagram using her following and she promotes some products makes a living like other instagram models. I guess her paycheck has gone high up than before due her dating scandal with Justin Bieber.

[Image via Jayde Pierce/Instagram.]