What Is Jessica Hunt Doing? And What Is Her Deal? What a tragedy
Jessica Hunt

5 days ago

Being an Instagram model is a trendy business right now. Beauties make themselves rich just being on the Instagram platform. What a technical world. Here goes Jessica Hunt. She is an Instagram model who is famously known for posting personal and lifestyle-related content. Her account has over 230,000 followers supporting her all the way up.

One bad thing that ever happened to her on the Internet was when she was photo-shopped with another face on her body.

She was born in Plymouth, England on December 4, 1996, which makes her 21 years old.

In August 2013, she went on and posted her first Instagram photo and that’s when everything kind of changed a bit by bit to where she is right now.

She shares pictures on her IG page posing with co-web stars like Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland.

Reality Star Olivia Buckland Doesn’t Run From A Fight

5 months ago

Guys, here is Olivia Buckland, she is so cool and looks cool. I have always wondered where I first saw her but finally I am at the right place. She was in a very popular series “Love Island” second series. She gained her fame from that TV show but unfortunately she ended up as a runner up. But her looks gives her the advantage having many followers till today.

Olivia was born in Chelmsford, England, UK. That’s a fact and totally clears things up. She doesn’t look American. That’s right because I was worried.

The beauty’s overall figure is forever a promise. Should I rate her as a ten?. Probably that’s a thumbs up right?.

Olivia is of many things plus she has that business mind. The Love Island star from ITV2 works in partnership with fuel station detoxes. In 2017, she will launch MVMT London clothing. To sum things up, I don’t know if she believes in love as she used to on the show. Money has her mind focused.

Go Olly.