So Lit That Supa Peach Is An Entertainer, Who The Hell Is She Really?
Supa Peach

5 months ago

Who is Supa Peach really?. Supa Peach is a famous Hispanic rapper, pop singer, actress, and an entertainer in general. She is an artist with such a passion and with so much talent in music at different angles.

The 15-year-old rapper was born in the British Virgin Islands on March 7, 2003. She later moved to Puerto Rico with her family. She has her sister Precious Peach as her manager. She also has a niece Mini Peach who is also popular with a channel on YouTube. She has this ability to bring people together meaning to host birthdays, parties and such other big events.

Her YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers supporting her all the way up to the top. It has brought her to where she is today.

Supa has her own good quality trademark cape which she always wears whenever she is performing on stage. She did a remix of the song from Bobby Shmurda and called it “Hot Chick.”