Maddy love Represents Her Name’s Meaning In Real Life
Maddy Love

5 months ago

Maddy Love is a famous American Instagram model and influencer who is well known for posting swimwear, fashion, and lifestyle-related content on her Instagram page maddylove23 which has over 80,000 followers. She has this archived photo that is her oldest archived post that was taken at Manhattan Beach, California.

Maddy’s real name is Madison Sothers. She was born in the United States on March 26, 2000, which makes her age, 17 years old. In 2016, she did promote a one-piece-swimsuit from the popular swimwear line called Cantik Swimwear.

In 2017, in a Q & A session, Maddy revealed her celebrity crush and it’s the famous pop singer Shawn Mendes.

The Mysterious Story Of Shawn Mendes… Can He Make Canadian Artists Great Again If Drake And Justin Drops
Shawn Mendes

5 months ago

Shawn Mendes is a pop singer who is mostly known for his perfect ever young voice. He made his debut single called “Life of the Party” which he released in June 2014. Most of us got to know him as a pop singer but he was first recognized on YouTube and Vine with being in a popular Vine group. That’s where it all started. He was in a group with Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff, Nash Boys and others

She was born to Karen and Manuel Mendes in Toronto, Canada on August 8, 1998, which makes him 19 years old. He opened his YouTube channel when he was 13 years old. He made a big win as the Best cover artist for performing the cover of a Great Big World’s “Say Something” and went over bar over the 30 other YouTubers. He also got a win for being Most Popular Web Star in 2014 in the music category by receiving an award from the Teen Choice Awards.

Shawn has a sister named Aaliyah who is also a web star with such huge success on the Internet, especially on the Vine platform.

So far so good. Mendes is on a good track with his music career as he celebrated with the Fifth Harmony’s former member Camila Cabello on the song “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

This Is Ridiculously Annoying? Carson Lueders – – At Age 5?
Carson Lueders

5 months ago

Carson Lueders is already a star at such a young age. Yes, he is such a young pop star. He is also unique in his own way.

He is famously known for his hit tracks such as “Try Me” and “Feels Good”. He released the EP All Day in 2015. He rose to fame by doing covers of big artists and ultimately he accumulated the fan base of over 750,000 subscribers that are supporting him to this day.

Carson was born in Spokane, Washington on July 26, 2001, which makes him 16 years old. His parents are Jon and Diane Lueders. He has a brother Jackson and a sister named Olivia.

How did he become the person he is today?… he learned guitar after he was given by his parents a gift at his 5th birthday. OMG!, his parents knew what they were doing. He only promoted himself mostly on YouTube and He kinds of reminding me of Justin Bieber.

Being good of an actor, he is started playing Ace on the Brat web series called Chicken Girls. And being a good singer he has done covers for artists such as Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Cody Simpson.