10 Random, Interesting Facts To Know About South Korea
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April 7, 2015 - 12:10 am
         1.   Valentine’s Day 

                South Korea is the one of the strongest nations, in military and trade. Due to this important event, such a funny thing happens… Well! Men get treated by their girlfriends or wives to dinner plus they receive presents from them. What guy wouldn’t like that??. But as they say “In life, nothing is for free “.

Lady in Seoul, South korea photo by Emmanuel DYAN. CC2.0

The other special day is called White Day that occurs after a month on March, 14. On this day, Women tend to receive the presents from their men/husbands. The catch in this, a man should bring presents that are three times what he brought her previously on the Valentine’s.

2.  A Female President

             Her name is Park Geun-hye. In South Korea, there hasn’t been a female president since 2013.Park has become one of the most powerful and influential woman in the world. In Korea she is the fourth most highest person after Ban Ki-Moon, Lee Kun hee, Kim Jong un. She is running on the 18th presidential term.

Barack Obama and Park Geun-hye Photo by Republic Of Korea. CC2.0

It is awesome to see how she has become successful.

 3.  South Korean Public Punishment

             Public punishment is much preferred than the government punishment. Their government has tolerated this action where they let the guilty person to be punished in front of the civilians. The guilty one will repeat the crime that he committed while the civilians watch. A small percentage of the civilians tends to hate that kinda punishment when a large percentage of civilians tends to support it.

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          4.   Colonial Power (History)

             South Korea was  under Japanese rule which ended in 1948. They adapted japanese lifestyle though they are kinda different from them. They managed to bring up their nation to one of the greatest trading nation from 1948 to the present through mostly agriculture like what China did.

          5.   Language

                Their official language is Korean. There are about 80 million people speaking Korean worldwide. North Korean also speak Korean as an official language. They adapted partly their korean writings from Chinese Language.

Jeonju, South Korea Photo by Emmanuel DYAN. CC2.0

            6.    Religion

                     The original religion in South Korea is Buddhism. Buddhism means “The right way of living”. The ones practicing the rituals are called Buddha which means “The Awakened one”. Due to the support of Christianity, it emerged to be accepted surely though  others still pray through Buddhism.

7.   Korean Age

                    Age in South Korea is different from ours, Well! We can say they are always older than us! The baby who’s been given birth would be 1 years old. They start to count age since the pregnancy.

Photo by Republic Of Korea. CC2.0

So as for you to know your Korean age is to add one year to your current non-Korean age, Boom!!! You are one years older than you thought. They must be given credit to how they look compared their real age. They always look young.

              8.   Blood Type Personalities

                    The blood type in this country does really matter. Every citizen knows their blood type. In most countries, many people do not know their blood types. They use their blood types as horoscopic or zodiac sign. They believe blood types are linked to zodiac sign! So they use blood types to get to know different personalities in people. Overview: Type A – Patient, Punctual, Conservative; Type B – Creative, Optimistic; Type AB – Cool, Rational; Type O – Ambitious, Self-confident.

              9.    Among the largest trading nation.

                       South Korea is one of the largest trading nations in the world. This year on 5th, February, it became the 6th largest goods trading partner in the United States.

Seoul, South Korea Photo by A. Omer Karamollaoglu. CC2.0

The United States and South Korea have been helping each other to grow financially for a very long time where they find themselves both having common values and interests.

              10.   K-drama (Korean Drama)

Their movies and television shows are now trending in the market. They provide a good image for their country which makes them to be respectable, to even do business with. Entertainment and their make-up cosmetics are really taken cared of deeply in their country. They spend and earn so much through male make-up cosmetics. Yes! Men wear make-up to work!

K Pop group Brown Eyed Girls Photo by Republic Of Korea. CC2.0


Brad Pitt in Seoul, Korea Photo by the Republic Of Korea. CC2.0
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