Paris Police Are On High Alert, Kills The Knifeman

August 23rd, 2018 - 6:57 pm

They say What happened in Paris stays in Paris. But I guess life isn’t fair for this one dude. A knifeman killed his mother and sister in cold blood in a Paris suburb. The good news to the family is that he has been shot dead by the police. What a tragedy or a victory? I will let you decide after you read the rest of the story. I guess this dude is not of this world and he fell from the sky. That’s a cruel thing to do.

A knifeman has recently been shot dead by the police from Paris in Trappes. They seem official and hard working.

The news has been confirmed by government administrator of the Yvelines region, named Jean-Jacques Brot.

But the Islamic state is never far away from this as they have claimed to be responsible for the knife attacker who just went wrong on his mama and sister.

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Some condolences have been sent via social media pages such as on Twitter by the interior Minister Gerard Collomb.

“My first thoughts go to the victims and their loved ones,” said the Minister.

“I want to commend the security forces for their exemplary reaction and mobilization.” He continues after the first statement.

A lot of terrorist attacks have happened in Paris so this has been another addition to the fear of the citizens. The IS announcements advise on not paying attention to the announcements this IS makes. They have constantly been making claims on unrelated violence in the Middle East.

The Paris police have been on high alert because of the attacks that often happens in the suburbs of Trappes. The area has a population of around 30,000 and it is known for poverty and gang violence.

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